Life Science and Healthcare - Abbhi Capital Investment


We apply our deep Pharmaceutical, Clinical and Healthcare industry expertise to invest in companies that provide patients with better outcomes and an elevated life. We partner with Life Science and Healthcare companies across the globe to provide support and help drive medical innovation across the value chain with the goal to improve lives.

Technology - Abbhi Capital Investment


Abbhi Capital leverages our deep technology and software sector expertise to drive operational excellence and build value at every stage of our investment life cycle. We believe Software and disruptive technologies play a critical role in building a better future for the world.

Real Estate - Abbhi Capital Private Investment


With real estate investments across the US and India, we apply our deep knowledge and expertise in seeking unique real estate opportunities to align to our core values as an investment firm. Our network of property management partners, contractors, architects and engineers allows us to expand returns on our investments and build an innovative and value add real estate portfolio.



Why Abbhi Capital - Exceed Partner Expectations

Exceed Partner Expectations

Our standard is excellence.
We believe that high performance and attention to detail create long lasting relationships.

Why Abbhi Capital - Move with Agility

Move with Agility

We’re seasoned investors, quickly turning ideas into actions and moving with a sense of urgency to deliver results.

Why Abbhi Capital - Operate with Integrity

Operate with Integrity

We take accountability, act responsibly and hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Abbhi Capital - Elevate to Each Other

Elevate Each Other

We foster a positive work culture through respect, open collaboration and constructive feedback.