Abbhi Capital’s current and past investments represent many leading companies across industries that play a disruptive role in creating a better future and elevating human life.

Active Investments

ArisGlobal - Investment Life Science
CRIO Abbhi Capital Partner
Zevv Abbhi Capital Partner
BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Abbhi Capital Partner
MedeAnalytics - Capital Investment - Abbhi - Abbhi Capital Partner
Allied Universal - Abbhi Capital Partner
Wellness Real Estate Partners - Abbhi Capital Partner
Neapolitan Express - Investment Hospitality
Sitero - Clinical - IRB IBC - Drug Safety Solutions
Entangled - Capital Investment - Abbhi
Gong - Investment Capital - Abbhi
Illumio - Investment Capital Abbhi
ZinEdu - Investment Education - Abbhi Capital
Washville - Investment Capital Abbhi
Guild - Capital Investment Abbhi

Exited Investments

BioClinical Life Science Investment - Abbhi Capital
Redwood Science Investment - Abbhi Capital
Synowledge - Education Investment - Abbhi
Vetogy - Investment Capital - Abbhi
Practice - Private Investment - Abbhi Capital


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